6 Things Fit People Do Differently by Nicole Noel - Healthy is Wealthy
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6 Things Fit People Do Differently by Nicole Noel

6 Things Fit People Do Differently by Nicole Noel

6 Things Fit People Do Differently

You see them at the gym, effortlessly breezing through their routine while you sweat and pant and feel like your soul is about to leave your body from the strain. They look good, you can bet that they feel good, and they make the whole thing look so easy, yet when you try it, it’s exhausting and terrible. What do they have that you don’t? Why do some people have seemingly endless supplies of energy and are always eager to be active, while you kind of hate the very idea of ever going to the gym? Are these people magical, or what? Nope! But they’re pretty cool and clever, and we’re here to let you in on their secrets.

Exercising is not a chore to them

Fit people simply take a different approach to working out. Do you groan and moan every time you’re supposed to get up and go to the gym? Well, it’s no surprise you’re not getting anywhere. Pushing ourselves to do something we hate rarely goes well, and you’re not actually supposed to hate exercising. Do you know why your athletic friends love working out? Because they found the right thing, for them. Some of them love the gym and spend a lot of time there, some of them hate it and wouldrather do yogaat home. Some of them go swimming, or fencing, or they do martial arts, or they dance. There are so many options, and the key is finding something you love, something that’s interesting to you, whatever that may be.

They keep themselves motivated

Even though it may not seem like it, even active people have their bad days when they really don’t feel like doing anything. That’s normal, you can expect that to happen. You won’t always be eager to exercise, but there arethings you can do about that. For example, whenever you’re feeling lazy, put your gear on. Just take out your dumbbells, your best weightlifting shoes, your comfy sweatpants, or your yoga mat, and tell yourself “I’ll just do it for five minutes, and then if I still don’t feel like it, I’ll quit.” Getting started is the hardest part, but once you do, you’ll feel like you might as well continue doing it. Another trick is to prepare a playlist of your favorite fast-paced songs that inspire you to move.

They’re well-organized

“I just have no time to work out” is a bad excuse. Workouts don’t need to consist of an hour and a half at the gym to be effective, and a simple daily half an hour workout can be more than enough. Good organizational skills and the willingness to commit are the key here.

They’re patient and positive

It’s important to know that you won’t see results right away. All your experienced friends know that fitness is a journey and that sometimes it can take years to reach their goals. They do keep that goal in mind, but they are also happy to just enjoy the everyday exercise. They have patience, and aren’t easily discouraged, and that’s all you really need here.

They keep themselves informed

The best way to become passionate about something is to find out as much as you can about it. Fitness articles,natural pain relief, diet plans, the effects of exercise on our health, read about all this and make sure you stay up to date. Not only will you stumble upon a bunch of useful tips, you’ll also start getting excited about the whole process.

They put health first

To them, it’s not just about getting slim, it’s about being healthy. It’s about living longer and living better, and feeling fulfilled every step of the way. If being skinny is your only goal, you’re more likely to fail because it rarely works in the long-term. Believe us, if you put your health first, you will look and feel amazing both.

Consistency is really the thing you want to aim for here. Even if you stumble and skip a few workouts due to laziness, don’t give up. Just keep coming back to it, keep exercising, find something you love and stick to it. Results will definitely come.


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