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Anabolic Muscle v2.0 Overview

There’s more to building muscles than simply hitting the gym and pounding out the reps. Your body also needs a steady supply of protein, which is where Healthy N Fit Anabolic Muscle v2.0 comes into play. The high-quality protein powder is loaded with the building blocks of muscle and each scoop is over 40 percent pure protein, far surpassing the average protein powder. Each 227-gram serving contains over 90 grams of quick and extended release proteins.

The special blend of quick and extended release proteins is what helps Anabolic Muscle protein mix work so well. The unique anabolic protein powder gives you the energy you need to power through your workout along with the nutrition necessary to recover fully and to build lean muscle. Unlike formulas that are intended purely for weight gain purposes, Anabolic Muscle v2.0 is designed to provide quality nutrition along with the protein and calories needed to make gains.

If your goal is get bigger, stronger muscles, you need to add Anabolic Muscle v2.0 to your daily diet. The shake mix comes in strawberry, chocolate and vanilla flavors, and mixes easily into milk. Use it with non-skim milk to add a dose of healthy fat to your diet and to improve protein absorption. You can even mix in other flavors such as bananas or peanut butter to customize your shake and keep things interesting. Mix a healthy and fit protein drink in a shaker cup or in a blender for the best results and smoothest finish.

Anabolic Muscle v2.0 Description from Healthy N Fit
Fact – Since only protein builds muscle, not carbohydrates and fats, ANABOLIC MUSCLE – v2.0 (AM2) is very high in the highest quality protein over 40% of the formulation is protein; other brands are just 15-25% protein with the highest in the 35% range. The facts are that scientific literature proves, and experts and advanced athletes agree, that increased muscular bodyweight and strength can be attained by adding to your diet: 1) additional quality protein, and 2) additional quality calories from protein in concert with progressive training. AM2 provides both, and it does so vastly more effectively than any other brand, and in addition has so much more, providing Advanced Maximum Nutritional Support to further enhance Increased Muscle Mass and Strength. AM2’s very high protein content, plus very high calorie content from protein, plus four products in one formulation are far superior to any Muscle Gainer, Mass Gainer or Weight Gainer in the sports nutrition industry. Most brands derive much of their high calorie content from excessive carbohydrates and fats which cannot build muscle, and can trigger fat gains. AM2’s very high protein formula contains the proper amount of quality carbohydrates for energy, to fuel your workouts and to replenish muscle glycogen stores lost from training. AM2 is the highest quality super concentrated protein source and contains over 90 grams of quick and extended release proteins in just a 227 gram serving (to be use in two 1/2 servings daily). AM2 is a super concentrated protein “pack it on muscle food”, plus a four products in one Natural Anabolic Muscle and Strength Gainer System, which provides Advanced Maximum Nutritional Support for bringing your goal of Increased Muscle Mass and Strength to fruition.

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